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Business Mentorship 

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Let’s Work Together

Being an Entrepreneur and Business Owner for over 5 years, has given me the insight and knowledge to be able to guide others to success. Throughout the years of being on my own journey, I have helped others with business branding, websites, social media content & management, accounting, promoting and marketing. 

I, myself at one point, thought I did not need a mentor but I was definitely wrong. 

Having a Mentor pushed me to complete deadlines, celebrate small victories and helped me be accountable for my failures and Successes. 

Come learn from the best, while becoming the best version of yourself. 

Let's Work. 



Our Business Mentor Services


"The Entrepreneur"

Its a fact, that in order to be successful as an entrepreneur, you have to know what it takes. This Mentor Session, consist of productivity exercises, 2 for 1 business mentor session and full copy of "Productivity of an Entrepreneur" eBook. 


Social Media Content & Management 

Not everyone feels like their great at creating content and managing business social media, we got this handled for you. This Business Mentor Session offers training, while creating actual content and deep diving in self-posting business software.


Business Start-Up 

Now this Mentor Session is personal. We start from the beginning, with name, incorporation, EIN, domains, website, accounting software, bank accounts, wholesale items, etc.

3-1 business mentor sessions.

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